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What is Dialogue?
Dialogue is discussion that aims to go beyond any one individual's understanding. In dialogue, participants speak their own minds, while implicitly acknowledging that their assumptions could be wrong and that other people may legitimately hold differing opinions.
What does
Days of Dialogue do?
Days of Dialogue works with various host organizations to design and conduct facilitated dialogues on often-sensitive or contentious topics of interest to the organization or community. Dialogue planning can be initiated by host organizations or other interested parties. Initial discussions...


Gun Violence Prevention:
A Leadership Dialogue Training, facilitated by Days of Dialogue.

We focused on solutions to some of the vexing problems which have resulted from policies which allow easy access to weapons. Topics included new research on gun violence prevention, the Second Amendment in the courts, and lawmakers and the gun lobby. Participants learned how to conduct a dialogue in order to help them to determine the most effective next steps they may pursue as a result of this critical and timely training.

Click the image below for the FACILITATOR'S GUIDE which provides helpful hints for all dialogues.

Discussion Guide
Facilitator's Guide